One of the most underrated adult animated series just turn 30 and that series is Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man or Duckman for short.

The series is based on a one-shot comic of the same name back in 1990 that was created by Everett Peck and published by Dark Horse Comic it would soon be created into an animated series by Klasky Csupo and aired on USA Network. The series follows Eric Tiberius Duckman or just Duckman as everyone calls him in the show, a private detective who lives with his family and tries to go on with his daily life or what he calls a daily life.

Duckman was voiced by Jason Alexander who stole the series with how he brought Duckman to life in his way, not only that but with a cast of memorable characters such as Cornfed, Ajax, Charles and Mombo, his conjoint twins, Bernice, Fluffy and Uranus, Duckman’s politically correct assistants and “King” Chicken who is voiced by none other than Tim Curry and it sounded like he had a very good time.

Another thing that made Duckman such a standout was that the series was way ahead of its time when it came to topics, especially hot topics such as Hollywood, comedy, gun control, Social standards, family issues, and of course modern-day life back in the 90s and all of these topics are 100% relevent and accurate to today as well.

The series ran for four seasons from 1994 to 1997 with a cliffhanger of an ending that kind of fit well with how the series was like. Currently, the only way to watch Duckman is via the Duckman: The Complete Series DVD box set and I highly recommend you to watch this underrated gem of a series.