It is a sad day for animation as it looks like the world may never see the final product of Coyote VS ACME.

It has been reported over the weekend that Warner Bros. Discovery is going to put the now-finished film in a bookshelf and like the Batgirl film, will never see the light of day. It was also said that the studio would make between $35-$40 million USD in a tax write-off and for a time was talking to Netflix, Amazon, and Paramount and was giving them a $75-$80 million USD “take it or leave it” deal to which I think none of them took this deal and didn’t have a say in terms of a counter deal.

It is sad to see a film like this with full positive feedback for those who had the chance to see it before all of this to be treated like this, it’s like the Popeye film all over again. I guess Coyote VS ACME will go down as one of the biggest “WHAT IF” films due to no thanks to people who have no idea what they have in front of them and just let go to waste.