It has been two years since we all saw the first season of Invincible and the world was introduced to Mark Grayson and the harsh reality of what the life of a superhero is. Amazon released this past weekend the season premiere of Invincible season 2 does it live up to what the first season gave us, the answer is yes.

The second season picks up about a month after the events of season one final episode “Where I Really Come From” and we see Mark trying his best to help but still not right in his head. His mother, Debbie still hasn’t recovered from what Nolan/Omni-Man did to his former team and Mark and Debbie. We see that both of them need some time to recover and move on from what happened, but it is not so easy. We are also introduced to Angstrom Levy, a scientist from another alternate Earth, and ask the Maulers to help recreate a device that will help Levy with his goal. We soon see Mark trying to get back into the superhero business but looks like he still needs to shake off the rust first.

From start to finish, “A Lesson For You Next Life” was a great way to get everyone back into the world of Invincible. Everyone is either hurt, sad, depressed, angry, or all of the above. What made the comic series so special and sets it apart from the mainstream comic series was the raw human emotion and story development for all the characters, from Mark to down to Allen the Alien, everyone had a place and moment in the sun in the series. Another spot that has everyone talking about is the use of Radiohead’s classic song “Karma Police” to show where is Mark at, not only in his head space but in his life as well.

With the release of Omni-Man in MK1 and now this, it is a great time to be a fan of Invincible.