Netflix and Wes Anderson quietly released a four-part mini film based on the works of Roald Dahl and this mini film short series is called The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

The films are based on short stories that were written by Dahl himself and they are The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, The Swan, The Rat Catcher, and Poison. Each story was told in less than 30 minutes with Henry Sugar being just over 40 minutes. Each film has the usual style that every Wes Anderson has, this one-of-a-kind style and charm that is both easy to the eye and easy to follow.

The setting for all of them was that of you were watching a play in your house and it was meant just for you to see. The cast for these films was fantastic and they were Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Richard Ayoade, and Ben Kingsley. Yes, you are reading this right, just 5 actors doing all four mini-films, and none of them were disappointed at all.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is such a delight to see and if you have a few hours in your day I would recommend you to sit down have a snack or two and a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy this little gem. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is on Netflix now.