Artillery Network, the studio that released its first book that we reviewed “.375 Magnum Opus” in which we stated that it is a tour de force of action, violence, drugs, sex, and rock and roll all rolled up in this book, is at it again. This time around they released a story of slow-burn vengeance with a taste of noir and this book is called Pimp Killer.

The book is about LA Jones, a hard-boiled woman who made a killing in a business that she does, and that business is hunting down pimps. She has her sights on a small-time pimp name Luciano ” Lucky” Strykes, who killed a girl in Reno and now he has Jones hunting him down.

From start to finish this book is really good. Ghezal Omar, who wrote .375 Magnum Opus, penned this one, and is completely different from that one. Unlike MO, Pimp Killer is a slow-burn noir story, the pacing and storytelling fit so well here with this one and Omar knows what she is doing with the characters and setting. It shows that she has more stories to tell and she is on her way to creating something special here. This time around she teamed up with artist Ayhan Hayrula and Letterist Phillip Ginn and you have a great duo that compliments each other’s work and brings Pimp Killer to life in a gritty way.

Pimp Killer is a great book for anyone who loves gritty slow-burn noir stories and wants something different to read.