It has been some time since Ghezal Omar released her first book .375 Magnum Opus in which I said it was like reading an upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, full of personality and charm that I haven’t seen in a very long time in comics. Now Ghezal Omar and Artillery Network are going to release her upcoming book at C2E2 this week which is titled PIMP KILLER.

Here are the details about what Omar’s upcoming series is about:

Got pimp problems? Then LA Jones is your woman.
She’s made a nice little business for herself over the last few years: hunting down pimps. Following the murder of a young woman in Reno, she turns her attention to Luciano “Lucky” Strykes, a low-life pimp hiding out in Hollywood. Lucky is notorious for torturing women who try to flee him, and LA is more than willing to dish out her own brand of justice, making this a match made in vengeance. – Artillery Network¬†

The first book of three will make its debut at C2E2 at Artist Alley Booth #V-04 and this time Omar will team up with artist Athan Hayrula and Phillip Ginn will do the cover work. If you are in Chicago for C2E2 this week, do yourself a huge favor and pick up a copy of PIMP KILLER and you’ll thank me later.