Well, it was 4 months of waiting but it was worth the wait as the newest episode of Helluva Boss was just released this past weekend and it was a doozy!

Exes and Oohs we get to see more of Moxxie’s past and it’s not all cracked up to be and we see why. We are introduced to his parents and one of his exes and the sad outcome to his mother. The result was over the top as usual and remind us why we love Moxxie and Millie’s relationship, they will have each other’s back no matter what, even if Blitzo keeps trying to get himself into their happy marriage.

Exes and oohs did a great job showing us more of Moxxie’s past and giving us the craziness that makes it worth watching. While this episode did feel like a filler, to be honest, I’m alright with it being a filler because the storytelling and character development here was just perfect.

Exes and oohs is out now on Youtube and remember Helluva Boss is not for the little ones!