After almost a year to wait, we got the last volume of Love Love Love, but Toussaint and Garrido did a wonderful job on how the last volume ended.

The book picks up right after the events of the last volume and we see Elle and Karel in a car it looks like Karel is on his last leg in terms of life. From here we meet Elle’s parents and her daughter as well as some old friends. From most of the part, it plays out as a classic French noir/love story with twists and turns, and how the way the real villain is shown was not who I expected.

Toussaint and Garrido told a wonderful story with art that match it so well. With what is going on with Europe Comics, I doubt there will ever be a physical copy of this three-part series at all, but I could be wrong. All three volumes of Love Love Love are available on Comixology and are worth the read.