The run and gun genre has created some famous game series such as Contra and Metal Slug, few can stand the test of time with just one entry and Developer Treasure did that with Gunstar Heroes.

Gunstar Heroes was developed by Japanese video game developer Treasure for the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis in North America), and it was the first game for the developer. The game has a simple storyline with Gunstar Red and Blue having to battle against an evil empire from taking over the world with the use of a set of powerful gems. The game has a total of 7 levels and each one has it’s over-the-top experiences and gameplay.

Gunstar Heroes is simply put as this, take Contra 3: The Alien Wars, crank it up to 20 in every way, shape, and form and you have one of the best 16-bit and run and gun games of all time. Sadly we wouldn’t see another game in the series until 2005 with Gunstar Super Heroes was released on the Game Boy Advance.

If you’re a retro gaming fan or want a great challenge you have to give this game a try.