Well, the fall anime season just started, and what better way to kick things off than with the grand odd retune of Popuko and Pipimi in Pop Team Epic season 2.

In a very odd way, season two picks up where season one left off and to no one surprise, the opening credits are not the official opening credits. From here we see Space Cat Company do what they do best, bring chaos and nonsense to the mass anime world. This time around the animation looks the same but a bit more cleaned up and we also have the return of “Bobunemimimmi” and a new segment called “Pop Team Epic Side B.” In case your wondering, yes they have the male and female voice actors doing the same thing as last time around of showing you the same episode but with two different teams of voice actors.

In short, we are in for another crazy ride with season 2 and I can’t wait for who going to voice them next, the real opening and closing themes, and more. I hope this time around we get more of the plushie segments and in case you are wondering it’s this.