September 5, 1992, is a day that every superhero fan should always remember because on this date the world was introduced to the greatest animated superhero series of all time. It not only inspired a generation of fans but also people who work in both the animation industry and comic industry as well and that series is Batman: The Animated Series.

The series was created by Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm. Timm would develop the series with Paul Dini and Mitch Brian. Unlike other superhero series in the past and during the early 90s, the series went with a pulp noir style in both storytelling and atmosphere. The setting and look of Gotham City in both day and night time was a combination of noir and Art Deco design and the producer dubbed this style “Dark Deco” and it paid off so well.

Another thing this series has it going for it is the soundtrack and its cast of actors and actresses who commanded your attention in every scene. The soundtrack is the things dreams are made of, each moment, each emotion, each battle, and so on, the soundtrack had it all. Out of the ten, yes ten composers who work on the series, Shirley Walker stood out the most and if you want an example of her work here it is. The voice acting cast was on another level and still to this day can not be outdone or outmatched. Kevin Conroy became the standard for batman, not only in animation but in live-action as well. Mark Hamill gave a once-in-a-generation performance with The Joker and still is one of the best. You had others who gave career performances such as Richard Moll, Adrienne Barbeau, David Warner, Diane Pershing, Roddy McDowall, Michael Ansara, and Arleen Sorkin who brought the world the one and only Harley Quinn to life.

To this day Batman: The Animated Series stands the test of time and while we did have other animated series such as Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond, none can do what this series did and still do to this day. A true masterpiece and masterclass in every sense of the word.