2019 Rilakkuma and Kaoru was a wonderful series that had a lot going for it and I couldn’t wait for another season and we did sort of. What we got is a spin-off series and that series is Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure.

This series takes place at a theme park and slowly we find out the park is going to close its door for good. While we see some new characters and hi-jinks throughout the 8 episodes, something was missing. The animation and music were still there and the theme park was beautiful all around, it was the story that fell flat. Rilakkuma and Kaoru storytelling was the highlight of that series and with the animation and music, it was all around a gem of a series. This time around the storytelling wasn’t that great and there were some moments in there, but not enough of them.

Overall Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure was a hit and miss overall, its worth a watch but don’t expect it to win your heart as Rilakkuma and Kaoru did. Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure is on Netflix now.