After some time and also letting the Aliens comic series get a very good head start, now it’s time for the Predator to have its moment in the sun and it does in a very different way.

The series starts with two predators fighting in a duel to the death and soon after one of them falls in battle we see a female human yelling in anger. We soon see a flashback of the female human name Theta Nedra Berwick as a child and we see what she saw when the predators came and killed everyone, including her parents. We soon see her going into the dead predator ship to find some kind of information and blowing up the ship, running from the planet’s natives and making it to her ship alive. We see her mission and why the hate and we see Theta crashland on a cold planet.

This is an interesting start for Marvel’s first run on the Predator, writer Ed Brisson and artist Kev Walker took their time with this one, and just like the Aliens comic series, this will be a slow burn of a story arc and my end with a great payoff. The writing is good and the art is on the same page with the writing, at times it goes off a bit but I can let it slide for this issue. For now, it is worth the read and we have to wait and see if Marvel’s take on the Predator will live up to what Dark Horse has done.