Once in a blue moon, you find something that doesn’t sound right on paper, but in the end, it works, while having a few hiccups here and there it works. That’s how I felt after watching Netflix’s latest Korean import series Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The series is about a young brilliant lawyer named Woo Young-woo, who may look like a once-in-a-generation lawyer, but has an uphill battle she must have to deal with in both her personal and professional life and that is she is on the autism spectrum. Korean Actress Park Eun-bin did an award-worthy performance in her role as Woo Young-woo, and the way she acts shows how people who are on the autism spectrum are not just “winging it” like some other shows tend to do. The one actor who I think stole the series was Jeon Bae-soo who played Woo Young-woo’s dad, once you feel attached and heartbroken for what he does for his daughter, for better or for worse.

The only bad things I would have to say would be how predictable some of the side stories were. From the usual co-workers falling in love, big reveals, outcomes, and such kind of hurt the series a bit but I can let it slide. If they did some non-predicable outcomes and twists and turns I think this series would be on another level.

While the series was predictable at times and may not be on the same level as Squid Games, Kingdom and All of Us are Dead, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is worth the watch. It’s a great pallet cleanser and a good weekend show to watch. Extraordinary Attorney Woo is on Netflix now.