Netflix’s The Sandman is darling to the world right now and is now the standard of how a comic adaptation to the small or big screen must be. Out of nowhere, we were graced with a special episode of The Sandman that took two stories from “Dream Country” mini story arc and they were “Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope”.

The first story “Dream of a Thousand Cats” is about a siamese cat retelling her encounter with Morpheus and spreading the word of what the world would be if cats were rulers of the world, but it comes with a price. Compared to The Sandman issue 18 of the same name, it is almost identical with a few changes here and there but it was all there. This story was all animated and I think this was the best way for it to be told they did a wonderful job here. Sandra Oh did a wonderful job as the Siamese cat.

The second story “Calliope” is about Richard Madoc, a struggling writer who by chance becomes the new owner of Calliope, a Greek muse who was imprisoned by another writer. She has no choice but to call Morpheus for help and he does while giving Madoc a fate much worse than death. There were a good amount of changes here from the comic to the series but most of it was still there. Melissanthi Mahut gave an award-worthy performance as Calliope and her interactions with Arthur Darvill and Tom Sturridge are proof of that claim.

Netflix did a marvelous job bringing these two stories to life. Maybe we might get to see the iconic “A Midsummer Night Dream” and the sad tale of Element Girl in “Facade”.