This series is one hell of a ride in all aspects and just when you think that we read had seen it all, this issue just gave us a one-two punch in the feelings.

We see how a night of passion from both Paprika and Dill’s point of view ended up the way that made them rethink their points of view in terms of love and romance. Soon after that we see Paprika’s parents talking to her ex and they had a serious yet heated talk about the book, they see paprika on stage and things don’t look good. We see Paprika talking with Rue and they have a heart-to-heart talk about needs and wants in life and also if Paprika has changed as well.

We see Dill talking to Za’atar about Paprika and while Dill was being a good person and trying to give him advice, Za’atar just looked and talk down on Dill and made him feel like he was lower than a bug and I know we all been there before and it is not a good feeling at all. We see Dill just break down and Bean wanted vengeance on Dill’s behalf soon after with more talks with Paprika, Rue, and Za’atar, we see Bean fight back but sadly got hurt, that got to me. We see how Rue was trying to talk with Za’atar about what’s right to do at this moment, we saw Paprika saving Bean, dumping Za’atar, and showing how much she changed showed she had grown not only as a person but to the person she wants to be.

After reading issue 11, I honestly can’t wait for the final issue and see how it ends. This series was one of the best comic series that I have read from start to finish. Do yourself a huge favor and read this series before the final issue next.