Prey is the latest film in The Predator film franchise that was released last week and unlike 2018 The Predator film, this one was perfect in every way.

The film takes place in 1719 somewhere in the Great Plains, and the main protagonist is a young Comanche woman name Naru, who wants to become a great hunter. During a hunt with her brother Taabe and other members of their tribe, she finds some tracks that aren’t human or animal and decides to hunt it down and kill it. From here we see a deadly game of predator and prey, throw in some French Canadian fur traders and you got yourself a hell of a great film.

From start to finish, Prey is by far one of the best films in this franchise since the original Predator which was released back in 1987. Not only that but with an all-star cast of Native American actors and actresses, a first in Hollywood, and a very strong performance from Amber Midhinder and Dakota Beavers, the film was also dubbed in Comanche making Prey a worthy entry to the series.

The only thing I didn’t like was they retcon the storyline “1718” which was released back in 1996 in the Dark Horse anthology series “A Decade of Dark Horse.” 1718 told the story of Captain Raphael Adolini, who fought with the Predator Greyback as Adolini’s crew decided to go mutiny and was killed before he and the Greyback had their fight. Adolini’s last words were take this and gave Greyback his pistol with his name and the year it was made in 1715, and Greyback buries Adolini with his sword and we didn’t see the gun or Greyback until the film Predator 2 at the end scene.

Prey is a step forward in the right direction for the franchise and maybe just maybe we might get another film like this down the road soon. Prey is on Hulu now.