Well, this came out of nowhere and boy was it a good one. Vivienne Medrano and company are back with everyone’s favorite oddball team at IMP with a new season of Helluva Boss with its season premiere episode “The Circus.”

The episode is about how Stolas and Blitzo first met. We saw the path Stolas was going to take no thanks to his father Paimon. To cheer him up he takes him to the local circus and that’s where the two meet. After that we see them doing all sorts of things to the point to the present and we see how Stolas feels about his life and such.

This was a great way to get back in but also was a heartbreaker at the same time. This has been one of the best adult animated series for some time and I can’t wait to see more of this maybe we can see some cameos from the cast of Hazbin Hotel. Remember this is not for kids at all.