There are very few mangas that are like Cobra, and that’s a very good thing. Cobra was a mix of Sci-Fi comedy, spaghetti western, samurai, and space opera all wrapped into one and it works. The series creator Buichi Treasawa created this gem that a one-shot anime film was released back in 1982 and that film was Space Adventure Cobra.

Space Adventure Cobra was released in Japan in July of 1982 and while the film did ok at the box office in Japan it was the TV series that many fans of the series remember very well. Space Cobra was on the air from October 1982 till May 1983 and a total of 31 episodes. Some of the cast of voice actors from the film came back to reprise their roles, especially Yoshiko Sakakibara who voiced Armaroid Lady.

The music for Space Cobra was and still is a gem to listen still to this day. The music was composed by Kentaro Haneda, better known as Haneken, and the opening and ending themes were done by Yoko Maeno and they were both wonderful especially the ending theme “Secret Desire.”

Both the film and TV series turn 40 this year do yourself a favor and watch both, or if you only have time for one I would recommend the TV series.