Well, that came out of nowhere, but this is something you need to keep an eye on. Over the weekend Sega drops a trailer for their next mini system release and while sadly it’s not the Saturn or Dreamcast, this is still good. The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 will have Sega CD games and will have a total of 50 games and the lineup is 100% not like the Mega Drive Mini 1. M2 will be working on this as they did for the Mega Drive Mini 1 and they did a wonderful job on it.

Here are the first games that have been announced for the Mega Drive Mini 2:

Silpheed (Mega CD)
Shining Force (Mega CD)
Sonic CD (Mega CD)
Mansion of Hidden Souls (Mega CD)
Popful Mail (Mega CD)
Virtua Racing (Mega Drive)
Bonanza Bros (Mega Drive)
Shining in the Darkness (Mega Drive)
Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)
Magical Taruruto (Mega Drive)
Fantasy Zone (Mega Drive)

As of now the Mega Drive Mini 2 will be released in Japan on October 27 of this year and as of now no word yet of an international release outside of Japan and the price for the Mega Drive Mini 2 will be ¥9,980 or $76. This is a smart move for Sega to release this as it shows they still have a lot to offer and who knows maybe in a year or two we might get that Saturn or Dreamcast mini.