Well, this was an odd yet nice surprise to start the week. Netflix quietly released their newest ONA just yesterday and while some parts were either a hit or miss, the result was a good story that felt rushed, and that anime is Vampire in the Garden.

The ONA follow Momo, the daughter of a high-ranked officer who is tired of never-ending war and ends up running away with Fine, the queen of the vampires, who look and feels dead and they both look for a place where both vampires and humans live in peace. The simple story has a good amount of depth in terms of Momo and Fine from start to finish of this ONA. You see how their relationship starts off and by the end of this, they are the same, if not more than that. The secondary cast of characters was hit and miss, some were very interesting, while others felt like they should have been nothing more than a background characters.

The animation and setting were wonderful. Wit Studio who had done anime series such as Attack on Titan, After the Rain, Vinland Saga, and Spy X Family did a wonderful job bringing this bleak, cold, tundra-like world to life. While this series only has 5 episodes in total, the animation makes up for this series’s short run. The voice acting is done great here and the music is such a joy.

Vampire in the Garden is worth the watch and while some parts of the story fell flat, the animation, music, and main story make up for its shortcomings. Vampire in the Garden is on Netflix now.