Well, the boys are back in town and all I have to say is welcome back. Amazon just released new episodes of The Kids in the Hall over the weekend and was it worth the wait after all these years, yes it was.

This 8 episode run may look and feel different, but it still has that odd crazy surreal sketch comedy humor that many of us know and love. The series still has its cooky Canadian charm with the thanks of having the original cast coming back and still doing what they do best, making you laugh without thinking about what is going on.

While some of the sketches don’t hit so well and a good amount of classic characters don’t make a comeback, the ones we see do make a comeback call and the other sketches are as funny as they were interesting. One of the biggest changes to this new season is more people are involved in the sketches and I don’t mind it, they add something new and different to the mix and it works well.

While only being 8 episodes long, The Kids in the Hall does what it needed to do, be funny and don’t care if you get the joke or not. Granted that the cast has aged and so on, they still pull off a lot of great jokes and show what made this series so beloved in the first place. Let’s see if Amazon will give the boys another season and maybe we can get us a Buddy Cole monolog while we are at it.