Well here we are at the last story arc of Sweet Paprika and from start to finish, this issue has planted the seeds of how this arc will play out.

We first see finally why Paprika hated her ex Burnet and you can’t help but feel sorry for her. This is something that happens in real life and how the way Andolfo displayed it here is simple yet effective that pulls on one heartstring and it hurts.

Soon after we see Dill’s dad doing his job while we see where Dill is at now living with Rue and Nori and that whole situation is worth the reading alone. We soon see Paprika and her parents trying to get along over coffee and this was all real talk from the heart between Paprika and her dad to the point we saw him break down for a moment. After that, we see her in her hotel room writing up a novel and making her think about her and Dill to the point she goes out and meets up with someone.

This issue did a nice job of seeing more of the characters not as characters but as people, we might know in our personal lives. After this issue, I took some time to sit and think, and made me go see an old friend of mine. With three issues left we have to wait and see what’s next for Paprika.