Sad news to report that legendary comic artist and comic advocate for creator’s rights Neil Adams has died at the age of 80. It was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter of his death from his wife, Marilyn Adams that he passed away from complications from sepsis. For anyone who doesn’t know what sepsis is, you can click here and get a better understanding of what sepsis is.

Adams worked on classic titles such as X-Men, Strange Adventures, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, The Brave and the Bold, Detective Comics, and Batman. Adams and writer Dennis O’Neil brought a darker, gothic tone and roots to Batman, and became a smash hit. Outside of comics he championed creator’s rights and won that battle in 1987. He helped Jack Kirby get his original artwork back from Marvel and Superman Creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster received the credit that was long overdue and more from DC.

I met him and talk to him whenever I have seen him at comic conventions for as long as I can remember and always remember all the respect he gave me as I gave back to him and the many many stories he told. He did so much for the comic industry that we have to give him all the thanks and praise in the world for him knowing maybe name an award after him.