Over the weekend Sony announced the launch dates for its revamp PlayStation Plus (PS Plus for short) in different markets and prices for its new tier system.

Sony announced the following dates for each market as follows:

  • May 23 – Asian Market
  • June 1 – Japan
  • June 13 – The Americas
  • June 22 – Europe

Not only that, but Sony also release their new tier list, what each tier is and their cost as follows and they gave out the cost list for the USA as an example:

  • PS Plus Essential: basic level entry tier and acts the same as the current PS Plus. Monthly $9.99, Quarterly $24.99, Yearly $59.99
  • PS Plus Extra: has all of the benefits of essential and the access to “up to 400” PS4 and PS5 games via download. Monthly $14.99, Quarterly $39.99, Yearly $99.99
  • PS Plus Premium: has all of the benefits from essential and extra and access “up to 340” more games from PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP and more benefits. Monthly $17.99, Quarterly $49.99, Yearly $119.99

If this is Sony’s answer to Microsoft Game Pass, good luck on that.