Now is the time to say goodbye to Kentaro Miura’s magnum opus and that is Berserk. Dark Horse Comic, the home of Berserk here in the west, has officially announced that they will finally release the final volume of Berserk, which is the 41st volume this November.

The dark fantasy series follows Guts, a lone warrior who we see age in real-time throughout the series, going on a hellbent quest for revenge while at the same time going to hell and back to protect the one he loves at all cost. Over the past 30 plus years, the series has set the standard for what dark fantasy manga has to be, not only that but also set the standard for artwork as well. Miura’s artwork and attention to detail is what make the series a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in manga that will be talked about for many years to come.

The final volume of Berserk is available for pre-order right now.