Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the second book of Kid Toussaint and Andres Garrido Sci-Fi romance book Love Love Love with vol 2 Bang Bang Shoot Shoot.

The book picks up some time after the events of the first book and we see things are still somewhat the same with Elle and Karel but the road to be together is still a long hard road. The capital is on the brink of war and androids are being killed off one by one they decide to hit the road and head to Madrid to see if they can find peace but also try to fix Karel.

The story has become more personal with both Elle and Karel both trying to stay together and yet at the same time holding to some secrets that not only hunt them but might hurt each other. The change of pace and the road trip was the right call to do here, we can see the world around them and it reminds me a lot of our world, for better or for worse. The secondary story is getting more interesting with some new players and how the book ends leaves me wanting to read more. The art is still wonderful, the use of the colors, new settings and such is a real joy to the eyes, Garrido is someone people should keep an eye on.

Love Love Love is available on Amazon via Comixology.