Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the newest stop motion film from Netflix and that film is The House. The House is a film that is told in three acts and each act has a different title so we are going, to sum up, each act.

The first act titled “And heard within, a lie is spun” is a story about a family who lives in poverty and soon after an encounter with a mysterious architect who gave them the house. This became the origins of the house we see what happened to the family and house, for better and for worse. This act was directed by Emma de Sswaef and Marc James Roels and this act was haunting and dark with a bleak ending. The characters were great and somewhat odd in a good way and the music fit the tone of this story.

The second act “Then lost is truth that can’t be won” is a very disturbing story of a home renovator trying to flip the same house from the first act but it ended very horribly to him. The story here was the weakest of the two and was also very predictable. Ironically this also had one of the best segments out of the three with the song and dance you will won’t forget anytime soon. Director Niki Lindroth von Bahr did a fine job with this act and the characters were good, but with a predictable story and outcome, I would say this was ok at best and the weakest out of the three acts.

The final act “Listen again and seek the sun” was the best one out of the three and director Paloma Baeza did a fine job here with this act. In this act, we see a dystopian future and the house is on its last legs. We see the new owner of the house and see she has to make a choice, either stay and parish or venture out to the great unknown. Everything in this one is wonderful and the ending is a great way to end this film.

Overall The House is a great watch and a marvel to the eyes with how far has to stop motion animation has come and the music by Gustavo Santaolalla just fits so well here. Overall this is a must-watch is on Netflix right now.