Today on hidden gems we are going to look at the first three volumes of hip hop legend MF Doom, who released a ten-volume instrumental album under the pseudonym of Metal Finger, and these albums were called “Special Herbs.”All the tracks are named after real-life herbs in each volume in case you were wondering.

The first album was released in 2001 and it was and still is a masterpiece. Clocking in just around 30 minutes, this 9-track instrumental album was way ahead of its time just like J Dilla and Nujabes and one can say these three laid the foundation for what is now known as Lofi hip hop. Tracks such as Saffon, Arrow Root, Charnsuka, and Monosodium Glutamate are some of the many great tracks volume one has on.

Volumes two and three both came out in 2002 and were also masterpieces in their own right. Volumes two and three both pick up where the first one left off in terms of music, beats, and the elements of lofi hip hop there as well. Tracks such as Nettel Leaves, Mullein, All Spice, and Myrrh show what Metal Finger was capable of. In volume three we can see he was experimenting in some way and it was very interesting to listen to that. Listen to tracks such as Agrimony, Benzion Gum, Calamus Root, and Styrax Gum.

If you have the time go and listen to these three volumes, sadly if you want a physical copy they are very hard to find and will cost you a hefty amount, so I would recommend you to either find them via digital or go vinyl hunting.