Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review Machine Gun Kelly’s first graphic novel Hotel Diablo.

The graphic novel is named after his 2019 album with the same name and the book expands on what the songs in the album are telling about. The book has this anthology feel to it and it works so well in its favor in terms of how each story is its own thing and doesn’t interfere with the other stories. The only main storyline that connects them all is a desk clerk, Lidia Lopez and it’s her first job.

The storytelling here in Hotel Diablo is great, each story has its reason to be and how it came to be. They don’t over welcome their stay and all of the characters are very interesting and makes this book such a great read. The art itself is fantastic as well with the likes of Martin Morazzo, Victor Lbaez, Amilcar Pinna, Nelson Blake II, Roberta Ingranata, and Rachel Smartt doing the artwork and making this book stand out.

Hotel Diablo is worth the read and look, with its great storytelling and wonderful artwork, I’m very surprised that not a lot of people talk about this book. You can find a copy on Amazon and other places where they carry graphic novels.