Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the best of both TV and cartoons in 2021 and it will be a simple one.

Both TV and cartoons have benefited from either new streaming services or international. One of the best new shows that came out in 2021 was one no one saw coming at that was Only Murders in the Building. Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez just took the TV world by storm and was one of the best new original series this year, well that until South Korea came out with back-to-back global hits with Squid Games, Hellbound, My Name, and Vincenzo.

Squid Games was THE show of 2021, no one ever saw this one-of-a-kind show coming. It looks like South Korea could be the place to watch all kinds of TV entertainment for years to come and may also help the Asian film and TV markets to expand into the global scene.

Cartoons benefited from both the streaming services, international and independent works as well. The series that proves this point is Arcane from Riot Games and Netflix. This series set the bar HIGH for any other video game series that wants to be like Arcane. Amazon also released the highly anticipated adaptation of Invincible and it so lived up to the hype in every way that it made every other comic book series in 2021 forgettable.

Hopefully, in 2022 we get to see more new series on both tv and cartoons, and also do yourself a huge favor and watch Alephia 2053!