Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the worst that had happened to video games in 2021, so let us start and get this over with.

Chip Shortage
Well, who saw this coming. The pandemic took a toll on everyone and everything and no one did expect this outcome to happen. This chip shortage has taken a toll not only in the gaming industry but in other industries as well. Even Raspberry Pi motherboards are taking a hit as well and that says something.

We Still Can’t Find A Next-Gen Console
Even after a whole year, most people are still trying to find either a PS5 or an XBOX series X/S. Even with the chip shortage not helping with this situation as well and with Black Friday and the holidays around the corner, many of us may have to wait a bit longer or just give up for now and try again at a later time.

Activision Blizzard
How the once mighty have fallen so bad. This whole year wasn’t too kind to them and with more and more news about how the working and community environment has been not only toxic but also abusive in terms of people in power and such. As of writing this, they have just announced that they are laying off QA Testers that earn $17 an hour and the company reported an earning of $3 billion in 2020. In short, what the hell is going on over there and who is to blame.


Next week we will talk about the best of 2021!