Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review an independent graphic novel by Eightfish and the graphic novel is based on a webcomic series that she did and that series is called Puppeteer.

The story follows Eli, a college student who by chance was offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to leave his physical body and take full control of other people thanks to a minor goddess. While he does make the choice he starts to neglect his friends, especially Sam, who is a superhero. The minor goddess would have believed that Eli would end up just like her but instead, he just floats around and watches people going on with their everyday lives. Throughout the graphic novel, we see Eli and Sam talk and the truth about the minor goddess and a very real heart-to-heart talk that make you think.

The story and artwork that Eightfish does here are wonderful. The story is something I didn’t expect at all. The story is something that will make you think and have to come in with an open mind due show it is being told and being a slow-burn of a story. While the slow-burn approach doesn’t work all the time (looking at you Marvel Comics,) when done right it can work for the story and that story can end up being one of the best, a good example of this would be All Elite Wrestling with Hangman Adam Page and his story. Puppeteer benefits from slow-burn storytelling because it helps flush out its world and characters. The artwork does not only look stylish and classy but it is easy to the eyes and Eightfish’s use of color was done beautifully here.

If you want to read something different yet unique at the same time with artwork that is one of a kind, then Puppeteer is worth the read. If you want to order a copy or see what other work that Eightfish has worked on you can go here.