Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the first of many omnibus (I hope) that was just released by Dark Horse Comics and its Vampire Hunter D.

The book series was first introduced in Japan in 1983 by legendary Japanese author Hideyuki Kikuchi, who also created the Demon City Shinjuku and Treasure Hunter series and the illustration was done by none other than Yoshitaka Amano. As of now, the series has a total of 27 books that have been published and also spawned two anime films, audio dramas, a manga, and comic series, and a video game.

The series follows D, a vampire hunter in a post-nuclear war Earth that is something that only nightmares are made of. In his travels, he hunts down the Nobles aka vampires in the series and other things that bump into the night. The omnibus contains the first three books in the series and they are Vampire Hunter D, Raiser of Gales, and Demon Deathchase. All three books tell a different adventure that involves D and they are all wonderful. Kevin Leahy who did the translation of the book series did a great job making this series accessible to everyone and anyone who wants to get into this series.

A little fun fact, both Vampire Hunter D and Demon Deathchase were turned into anime films, The 1985 OVA film Vampire Hunter D and 2000 film Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust aka Demon Deathchase. If you want a good horror/vampire story, want a good place to start if you are new to horror or want a new book to read, then you can’t go wrong with this series.

Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Book One is available in bookstores, Amazon, and Dark Horse Comics.