Ahoy Captain Cats here and I’m going to get to the point. Konami used to have a great wonderful Football series called Winning Eleven and from 1995 to 2018 this series was always on par, if not better than FIFA. Winning Eleven was also known as Pro Evolution Soccer or PES in the rest of the world.

Upon its release eFootball was fill with numerous bugs and issues to the point Konami had to release a full statement of apology and is stated that they will fix this mess with a patch released by the end of the month. Is it just me or has Konami, the one-time force that releases hit after hit games, just stop caring and phoning it in when it comes to gaming?

Will this hurt the series, yes because FIFA has been the number one soccer game for years now that I think if eFootball takes its sweet time, it might go the way of either Fallout 76 or Cyberpunk 2077. The aworst-case would be they would cancel the series as a whole and move on from this and just forget about it.