Today we are going to look at the second album from Rage Against the Machine that not only became iconic but left a huge mark in rock and roll and that album is Evil Empire.

The album was released on April 16, 1996, and no one didn’t see this album coming at all. The album was a straight-in-your-face unyielding message from a political point of view; Evil Empire lived up to what the band did in their debut album back in 1992.

With Tom Morello and Tim Bob on guitars and bass, Brad Wilk on drums, and Zack de la Rocha vocals, this album is still fresh, different, and full of energy today as it was back in 1996. Songs such as Tire me, People of the Sun, Vietnow, and Bulls on Parade not only had great musicianship but also talk about topics such as Ricard Nixion, the US Mexico Border, Zapatista Revolution, and the American Point of View during the 90s and not in a good way.

This album is as hard as it is political, not a lot of people will like this album due to the topics on this album and how they express their feelings about each topic. Would I recommend this album to people, yes I would, but I would also recommend said people to listen to this album with an open mind and see where they are coming from and remember this album came out in 1996 and some of the topics are still relevant today as they were back then.