Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

The gang goes to London with “London Time” and then Africa in “Photo Op.”

In “London Time,” Archer and the gang go to London to replace a top-secret battery with a light that collects highly sensitive data from Buckingham Palace while Pam and Cheryl wander around hilariously. Mallory acquires help from an old friend while Cheryl talks about fun facts about London though they sound like BS short for one.

I enjoyed “London Time” where the mission goes sour quick. But the stars of the episode were Pam and Cheryl. Dressing like Victorians with terrible accents, the duo evades their mission while having fun with Cheryl’s BS fun facts about the British. But she did mention one that sounds like it’s true but with a little BS (the comment about the violent, cannibalistic nature of tourism and the eventual demise of the world in 50 years as its result). As for the mission proper, the gang gets through with humorous results.

“Photo Op” has Archer connecting with animals again (no Babou though) while Lana tries to connect to her African roots in front of a UN-supported squad that saves animals. As for the rest of the gang, Kreiger creates an Alexa-like system to help regulate the building as well as operating efficiently for the environment; it becomes sentient and wants to kill everyone. This was a fun episode as hypocrisy gets thrown around Archer and Lana. But Cheryl having an intern? Comic deliveries abound.

Since this season has 8 episodes, this first half has been fun and lively. I expect the second half of Season 12 to be consistently fun.