AhoyCaptain Cats here and today we are looking at the second issue of Mirka Andolfo’s Sweet Paprika and see if it can continue its wonderful first issue.

This issue opens up to Heaven’s Express where Dill works and sees a demon named Pickle and while he is getting his game on, Dill shows up and turns out he is Dill’s adopted dad and we see their relationship and it is so hilarious. We now see Paprika at the hospital with her mother talking about her dad who had a heart attack and we see he is still alive and they were talking about if he had passed on and this was funny as hell.

Soon after we see Paprika’s step-dad and her half-brother and sister and we see her mom so happy with her new life. Paprika and her dad had a talk about her love life and it somehow triggered her about her past and we see a bit of it and her ex that she can’t stand.

We see Dill doing his job like always and soon we see Paprika doing her job and these parts are also interesting because they show how different their work-life is to one another and we see Paprika’s boss seeing her with high regard in what she does for the company. From here we see Dill trying to ask Paprika out and failing, more sexy shenanigans, and another plot twist that sets up for issue three that I can’t wait for.

¬†Andolfo has me hooked on this series so far with just the first two issues, just like her previous works and I just can’t wait for the next issue. The art and storytelling here are just wonderful and this series is living up to the hype it made for itself and I for one can’t wait for more of Sweet Paprika!