Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at a forgotten gem of a game that turns 20 and is still fun to play as it was released 20 years ago and that game is Gitaroo Man.

Gitaroo Man was created by iNiS and was published by Koei in 2001 in Japan and The rest of the world the next year. The game is a rhythmic game and it still holds up very well to this day, which is saying a lot due to how there were so many that were released on the Playstation 2 at the time.

The story for the game is about a boy named U-1 (don’t ask, even I don’t know what it means) who is a loveable loser who gets picked on by another boy name Kazuyz and Pico, U-1 girl of his dreams, just only see him as a friend. Then the game story gets crazy with Puma, U-1 talking dog who takes him to Planet Gitaroo and transforms into the legendary warrior, Gitaroo Man.

The story itself shouldn’t be taken seriously, but the gameplay and music on the other hand, you should. The gameplay is simple, yet hard to master, especially on master mode. The soundtrack is one of the best that came out of the PS2 era of gaming. Japanese Rock Band COIL, Tomohiro Harada, and Artist YUAN did a phenomenal job with the soundtrack and are still to this day a joy to listen to.

The game was also released on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) and was a huge hit there as well. Sadly over the years, many people have forgotten this hidden gem of a game and the game just turned 20th this year. I had to do this game justice so no one should forget this one. If you have a chance to find a copy or play it via any way you can, play it and see why this game was so special and still after 20 years of its release.