Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review the highly anticipated new comic series from Mirka Andolfo and that new series is Sweet Paprika.

The series is about Paprika, a demon businesswoman who is also a New Yorker of Italian origin and she has a major problem and that is that she is married to her job. We see that in the opening pages of this issue in the most hilarious way that I think this must have happened to either Mirka before or the reader because we all have that “Pro Revenge” moment in our lives at one time or another. From here we see how her life is at work and it’s a double-edged sword in terms of how she treats her workers and has high standards set in the workplace but at the cost of everyone fearing her and affecting her social and personal life.

While that is going on we are introduced to Dill, a naive angelic delivery boy who makes the women at Paprika’s workplace days the best part of the day and Paprika hates him with a passion until they have a small talk about her personal and professional life. Soon after that, we see how Paprika is outside of her work-life and is 100 percent opposite of what she is at work. We also see Dill having a good time but after the love is gone he goes home but makes you think. At the end of the issue, we see Paprika getting a call from her mom and we are left with a cliffhanger for issue #2.

This is a great way to start this series with slow-burn storytelling and a great way to not only introduce the characters but also this series world and environment which reminds me of her previous work Un/Scared but more of a “Sexy Comedy.” Mirka Andolfo has done it again with the storytelling and beautiful artwork that she does and I for one can’t wait for the next issue and this is a must-read comic series you don’t want to miss out on!