Today in Hidden Gem we are looking at the latest single of DÉ DÉ Mouse with collaboration with TANUKI and HITIMITOI and that single is The Night of Neon Lights.

This single is a mix of dance music/club music/ future funk/ city pop and it has this beat that is so damn catchy that it will be in your head for some time. DÉ DÉ Mouse and TANUKI did a number here with this track and by the time your done listing to this track you want to play it again. HITOMITOI’s voice here really shines and brings this single to life and while the beats and sound really can stand on its own two feet, HITOMITOI’s voice heightens this single to another level.

Go and give this single a listen and you’ll thank me later for this and once DÉ DÉ Mouse’s newest album drops, we’ll let you know ASAP.