Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at a new black and white comic series from DC Comics in the same way as the 2020 Harley Quinn Black + White + Red series and this time it’s Wonder Woman turn with Wonder Woman Black & Gold.

Just like Harley Quinn BWR, Wonder Woman Black & Gold is an anthology series with new, original one-shot stories from writers such as AJ Mendez, Nadia Shammas, John Arcudi, Amy Redder, and Becky Cloonan and artist as Ryan Sook, Morgan Beem, and Ming Doyle. With a total of five one-shot stories, they were all good but there were two that stand out the most and they were “I’m Ageless” and “Golden Age.” John Arcudi and Ryan Sook did a wonderful job with this one-shot about how Wonder Woman sees humans in her honest point of view and why she does what she does for humanity. Amy Reeder did a fantastic job with both the writing and artwork in “Golden Age.” “Golden Age” is just a simple love letter to the “Golden Age” of comics and reminds us what makes these characters so endearing and why we love them.

Wonder Woman Black & Gold is a great start to this anthology series which is in time for her 80th anniversary and let’s hope DC Comics doesn’t mess this one up.