Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are reviewing the two-part movie which is considered to be season four to Sailor Moon Crystal and that film is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal.

The film as a whole is divided into two parts each almost one and a half hours long and if you think being a two-part film it will look bad or rushed to hit theaters, good news the film looks beautiful. If you are a fan of the Sailor Moon Crystal series and love how the series look and feel you will love this “season.” As for the story, well we have a problem here.

The main storylines in both parts were kind of a hit and miss, not like the tv series that its storytelling was great. The secondary storylines in both parts were to me the better stories due to how much insight we saw in them. The tv series storytelling wasn’t perfect as well but in the long run, it played out great.

Overall Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal is worth the watch, if you can get past the storytelling hits and misses and just go with the flow, you will love this. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal is on Netflix right now.