Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at two legendary fighting game series that turns 30 this year and those two series are Street Fighter 2 and Fatal Fury.

Street Fighter 2 was created by Capcom and released in February of 1991 and not only bring in a new era in the arcade scene but set the stander for fighting games from here on out. Soon after the international success of Street Fighter 2 many other gaming companies were trying to create their own Street Fighter 2 game and thus many “Street Fighter 2 clones” were hitting the arcade scene like crazy.

The other game that came out in late 1991 was Fatal Fury by SNK and it was different from Street Fighter 2. The series stood out with its large sprites, foreground, and background movement and introduced the world to another set of iconic characters like those of Street Fighter 2. Also fun fact this series was the first introduction to the “King of Fighter” series.

Both fighting games played an important role in the fighting game world and each game had influenced many other fighting games that came out after their release back in 1991.