Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have some news for you with another comic series getting a spot on the small screen and this time it’s Lady Killer.

It was reported by Deadline that Blake Lively will be starting as Josie Schuller, the main protagonist of the comic series of the same name and Oscar-winner Diablo Cody will be in charge of adapting the series for Netflix. In case you don’t know the series is about Josie Schuller, a 1950’s housewife who has a double life and that when she is not at home taking care of her family, she is a highly-trained killer for hire and not only that she is very good at it, her husband had no idea she does this at all.

The comic series was created by Joёlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich and was published by Dark Horse Comics from 2015 till 2016 and was nominated for an Eisner Awards for Best Limited Series in 2016.