Ahoy Captain Cats here and huge news to report about the Macross franchise!

It has been reported that Big West and Harmony Gold have officially reached an agreement that will let them both release and distribute both the Macross and Robotech franchise worldwide. This issue has been debated and many court battles for over 20 years and now finally it is all over in a very positive way.

Now if you’re asking yourself “What does this mean to me,” it means for the first time you will be able to watch all of the many Macross films and TV series that couldn’t be seen due to what was going on between Big West and Harmony Gold. While this is all and dandy another big question must be asked as well and that question is what about all the merchandise, figures, models, and the many video games that were released over the years?

Still, this is one small step in the right direction for fans of this legendary franchise and I do hope we can get all of the other stuff as well!