Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the newest series for Adult Swim and that series is Birdgirl.

Birdgirl is a spinoff series from Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law which ran from 2000-2007 and Birdgirl is created by the same creators of Harvey Birdman Michale Ouweleen and Erik Richter. The series takes place sometime after Harvey Birdman and we see Judy Ken Sebben all grown up and working at her daddy law firm. In case you have never seen Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Judy daddy is Phil Ken Sebben, the owner of Sebben & Sebben law firm. Well, we find out Phil died in an accident and he leaves his entire firm to Birdgirl. From here we see all hell break loose and we get to see who will join Judy’s “Bird team” and it ends on a funny high note.

What made Birdman great was the massive supporting cast and craziness of what is going on in the storylines and background, Birdgirl on the other hand not so much. Birdgirl wanted to be different and it was different in a good way. While we didn’t have any of the classic characters from Birdman, Birdgirl made up with a great cast of its own, and having Paget Brewster coming back to reprise her role as Judy/Birdgird and they built a supporting cast around her make this show great.

The next episode “ShareBear” will be out by the time this review is out so we will try our best to catch you upon it.