Ahoy Captain Cats here and today some good news coming out of the comic world.

Machina Corpse announced that they were going to have a second Kickstarter campaign for its next project and it was to bring back The God Machine and I’m glad to report that it has been fully funded.

The campaign goal it needed to bring back The God Machine was for $24,000 and as of April 8, the total came out to be $29,131 with a total of 388 backers. In case you are wondering why this is a big deal, I’m happy to explain why. Machina Corpse is a small indie comic studio that is run by two people and do you know how hard it is especially now with the pandemic going on to run a business let alone a small comic studio? These types of success should be praised by everyone who loves comics and loves to see new stories and new studios succeeding, especially now with how the world is now.

Once any more information about the book release from Machina Corpse themselves or any other news from them we will let you know and congratulations to Machina Corpse.