Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at two new trailers for Capcom and SNK.

Let’s start with Capcom and their Spring Update showcase. While we did get to see Rose and Oro with Rose coming out in a few weeks, there was one new character from a very underrated fighting game series from Capcom making her appearances and that character is Akira Kazama. Akira Kazama was a character from the Rival School series that was created by Capcom back in 1997. The series would get a sequel a few years later with Project Justice which was released in 2000 and while the ladder of the two was great all around, Rival School had more content, lots and lots more content. Akira will be available to play this upcoming Summer.

SNK has also released a trailer for The King of Fighters 15 or KOF for short has released a new character trailer with the one and only Mai Shiranui. Mai has been around since the series first game which is KOF 94 and was only out of the series for just two games, KOF XI and KOF XII. She made her grand return to the series in KOF XIII and the SNK fan base rejoiced upon her return. Since then she has been in the main lineup. KOF 15 will be released sometime this year.