Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the latest season of Solar Opposites and see if they can stand their ground and stop being called “Rick and Morty” light.

While season 2 of Solar Opposites kind of picked up where season 1 left off, nothing much really changed to be quite honest. Yes, there were moments of it being good and other moments not so good at all in terms of everything. The ongoing running gag of Hulu in every episode and recognizing that they are on Hulu was a very nice touch of 4th wall breaking.

The best thing about season 1 was the people in the wall story arc and not surprised again, the best thing about season 2 was about the people in the wall again. This time we see what happens after the events of season one and man why can’t they give this side story its own series, it’s that good.

Season 2 of Solar Opposites is nothing like Rick and Morty and it wants to be what it is and I’m good with it, besides as long as they keep the people in the wall story going in good.